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About Valkyria

As a fine art photographer, I have dedicated a great deal of my own art and lifestyle to the fairycore, fairytale, fantasy, & cottage style aesthetic. My inspiration comes from my most joyful memories of blueberry picking in the spring. lavender fields & fantasy renaissance villages in the summer, & cozy cottages on the lake in winter. This Publication was brought to fruition with the idea of extending that level of beauty, mindfulness, and inspiration.  

Valkyria  is a celebration of artists, photographers, and content creators who embrace the magical wonder of the imagination,  create joyful moments, and bring unique fairytale-like creations to life.

As the creative director for Valkyria, I will be working under the Iconic Retro Lovely Magazine publishing house with 3 million followers on social media combined on Instagram and Facebook. Issue Releases will be announced on these platforms with a tag  to all photographers and models who provide their instagram pages.

Issue releases will also be shared well as the growing Valkyria Magazine Facebook platform. 


To be considered for publication: 

If you receive an invite on Facebook, you are a pre approved artist and may use the submission portal below. 

If you are an new artist that enjoys this aesthetic and you have art or photography to publish, please submit a sample or 2 of your best work to: ValkyriaFantasy@gmail

If approved, you will join our curated collection of work to be published.

Sample Images should be Jpegs at least 2000pixels one side

Valkyria Fantasy Submission Guidelines

A few general guidelines for submission to email

  • Please attach 2 individual JPG files no larger than 5mb per image to ValkyriaFantasy@gmail  as examples of your work. This is not where you will submit all of your files if accepted this is only to be CONSIDERED for submission. if you are not a preapproved artist. Do not send screen shots. as we want to see the QUALITY and clarity of your work.  If we choose to use your photos, we can ask for larger copies to be submitted with the portal link below.

  • If you get the cover you must write a short artist bio and include a paragraph about your project including any artists involved from costume, makeup to set design.

  • Photos containing nudity, blood, or animal fur will not be considered.

  • Please only submit work that has not been previously published.

  • Recipes should also be attached as Word documents with the corresponding pictures sent as Jpegs.

  • IF you are approved to submit please submit each model/set separately. If your models are not in the same images on the same set they must be submitted on separate forms. Please send at least 2 images for each set. 


Spring / Summer 2022 Submissions are now being accepted. 

We are currently looking to fill 2 issues

  1.  Issue one early spring early summer to be released on or about May 1st

  2. Issue two to be released  on or about August 1st


PASTELS- soft femme florals fairy wings sweet treats birds

Fairy Tea Party- anything fairy or fantasy tea party including moss cakes & treats

Midsummers Dream-floral outdoor fantasy fine art



WARM COLORS- brown, red rust  orange, muted sunsets hazy days horses

Princess Toadstool- Woodland Cottage aesthetic, Mushroom Love, Sunflower fields, strawberry

Equine Dreams-Dreamy ethereal fine art featuring Horses 

STOP please here do not submit without
first sending an email for preapproval


Valkyria Magazine 



Valkyria Magazine 

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