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Valkyria Costume Design


A custom order contract and process

1.  Valkyria Fantasy Design will present a variety of sketches or images in any combination.
2. the Client must decide which of the sketches. images they like the most
3. Valkyria Fantasy Design will send a cost estimate on supplies and time involved to create the design
4. the client pays a 50% deposit to start the process the final payment is due within 30 days. If final payment is not made, a 35.00 late fee will incur every 30 days until it is paid in full. Partial payment does not mean partial order fulfillment. 
Forms of payment accepted are Credit Card, Zelle, Venmo.

Valkyria Fantasy Design will do everything possible to create or replicate the design to the clients specification based on storyboards and sketches. 

Creative freedom is to be allowed and expected by the designer at Valkyria Fantasy Design. We will not recreate an exact design 

by another designer, copy or plagiarize the work of another artist. 

The down payment is not refunded if you are not satisfied with the final design. Valkyria Fantasy Design will work within reason and 

budgetary constraints to find ways to make alterations to satisfy the clients needs.

 If the client asks for changes to the project that require more time and effort or materials, additional fees may be added to the final cost. 

We look forward to bringing your fantasy to life!


Thanks for your order!

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